Tips for getting the best results

Horse owners.

If you don’t find the trip you want:

  • Be more flexible on your point of ORIGIN/DESTINATION. Once you find a nearby trip, contact the transporter directly. They will often modify their itinerary or travel a few extra kilometers to fill an empty spot.
  • If price is your main priority, increase your date flexibility so the search will produce a larger number of offers.
  • If you still don´t find an acceptable offer, post a request for transport. Many transporters frequently review the transport requests in order to find new clients and fill empty spots.


  • The more flexible you can be regarding dates and pick up/drop off locations, the more requests you will receive for your services.
  • Using both flexible dates and the "Subject to availability" option simultaneously will allow you to connect with more clients.
  • Search Transport Requests for location and departure dates that coincide with your final destination. Booking clients for your return trip will lower costs, increase profit, and allow you to offer better prices that attract more clients.
  • Adding partial legs/stops to your schedule will help to fill all available spots. Allow users to request additional pick up/drop off locations and negotiate prices for that service.
  • Posting the trip price will set you apart from the other ads without pricing. If you offer multiple stops, you can specify the price for each location in Observations, or simply state that the price will vary according to the distance traveled.
  • When you need to collect or deliver a group of horses and have flexible travel dates, search Transport Requests in your general time frame, or post a new offer of transport to fill spots for the part of the trip that you would have otherwise made with an empty vehicle.

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